Maia Kamil- Call Me Willow

Maia Kamil- Call Me Willow

Written by Maia Kamil
Video and Audio by Justin Gartman
Live at Bedtown Studios with Alex Bingham
Ft. Molly Mcginn, Matt Laird, Mason Keck, Drew Foust, Jimmy Washington



You can call me willow
But I won’t weep tonight
You can call me hallow
But I know a place that you can hide
Theres more below this ground than what you see in front of you
What you see is not what you get
There’s more to do than work the earth and wait for things to grow
But sometimes wait is all you know

Stretch your legs and follow
The name they whispered when you born
Not too fast don’t swallow
The lessons you and I must mourn
There more inside this well of yours
So throw a penny in
It’s time that you learn something from your self
There’s more to be and more to see
But now you’re in the ground
You can stay
As long as you are found